Monday 10 December 2012

Legacy: Anna Rewakowicz

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    Anna Rewakowicz is one of many modern artists influenced by Archigram. Her interest: "the 1960's avant-garde's desire to create alternative propositions for living". She deals with contemporary issues of materialism and waste. "We need to think about lightness, how to travel, live and transport lighter." Structures, materials and solar devices are all within her repertoire of concerns.

    One of her projects in particular, the Sleeping Bag Dress, is inflatable, habitable clothing. Exhibit as A modern day nomad who moves as she pleases (2005), it includes a series of videos playing her walking performances in Mexico City, transporting and inflating the dress. Not only is this a unmistakable reference to the Suitaloon, it also bears a striking resemblance to the 'Big Bag' exhibited at the by Archigram at Milan Triennale in 1967...

Ana Rewakowycz Sleeping Bag Dress (2005)
Archigram's Big Bag (1967)