Saturday 8 December 2012

The Nature of Things

    Many new technologies were invented around the 1960's. These inventions fundamentally restructured everyday life and informed Archigram's vision of future society. As far as inventions go, the 1960s was the most revolutionary decade in human history.


  • Oral contraceptives- the pill- invented
  • The first nonstick teflon pan produced.
  • The solar cell invented by Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin,
  • Ray Kroc started McDonalds.
  • 1955

  • Tetracycline Invented
  • Optic fibreinvented.


  • The first computer hard disk used.
  • The hovercraft invented by Christopher Cockerell.
  • Bette Nesmith Graham invented "Mistake Out," later renamed liquid paper

1957- First Artificial Satellite in Orbit

  • Fortran (computer language) invented.


  • Computer Modem invented
  • Laser invented by Gordon Gould
  • Hula Hoop invented. Becomes a 'fad'.
  • Integrated circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce.

1959- First Unmanned Moon Landing

  • The internal pacemaker invented by Wilson Greatbatch.
  • Barbie Doll invented.
  • Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce both invent the microchip

1960- First Successful Weather Satellite Launch

  • The halogen lamp invented.
  • Etch-a-sketch invented

1961- First Manned Space Flight

  • Valium invented.
  • The nondairy creamer invented.
  • First industrial robotic arm, the Unimate


  • The audio casette invented.
  • The fiber-tip pen invented by Yukio Horie.
  • Spacewar, the first computer video game invented.
  • Dow Corp invents silicone breast implants.


  • The video disk invented.
  • Zip codes invented
  • Lava lamps invented


  • Acrylic paint invented.
  • Permanent-press fabric invented.
  • BASIC (an early computer language) is invented by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtz.


  • Astroturf invented.
  • Soft Contact lenses invented.
  • NutraSweet invented.
  • The compact disk invented by James Russell.
  • Kevlar invented by Stephanie Louise Kwolek.


  • Electronic Fuel injection for cars invented.


  • The first handheld calculator invented.


  • The computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart.
  • The first computer with integrated circuits made.
  • RAM (random access memory) invented by Rober Dennard
  • Waterbed invented

1969- First Moon Landing

  • The arpnet (first internet) invented.
  • The artificial hearing aid invented.
  • The ATM invented.
  • The taser invented
  • The barcode scanner is invented.
  • First supersonic flight