Thursday 6 December 2012

Space Suitaloon

   Many of Archigram’s projects, such as Inflatable Architecture and the Suitaloon, were inspired by the invention of the spacesuit. Soft-suit technology inspired radical architecture in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Soft architecture was designed for adaptability malleability, mobility and impermanence. For pop-culture influenced groups, like Archigram, it was a symbol of liberation and independence from cultural and social norms in Britain.  Other experimental architects, soft architecture represented transnational and leisurely living in the post-political era implying the  dissolution of boarders between nations and the unity of humanity in the face of the potential for mutual nuclear annihilation. The Suitaloon, like the space suit, offers people the much needed nomadic lifestyle in a world where living and working occur in a distributed network. It enables an explorer the ability to pursue opportunities while having a high standard comfort with minimal effort. The Cushicle carries food, and water, and has a radio, television and heating apparatus. Archigram was inspired by the spacesuits ability support the life of a human while making their mobility limitless.